New Official Marvel Tabletop RPG for 2022

Since the abrupt end to the publication of the Marvel Heroic RPG in 2013, Marvel fans have long anticipated a new licensed tabletop RPG game. The wait will finally end in March 2022, with with the release an all-new Marvel Multiverse Roleplaying Game.

The first publication, written by New York Times best-selling author Matt Forbeck (author of The Marvel Encyclopedia) will be an introductory Playtest Rulebook to introduce players to the all-new D616 System. It’s a bold move to publish and sell playtest material – the success of this model will remain to be seen.

There is scant detail about this system, other than it will tend towards accessibility for new players, and that characters will be defined by attributes (that just so happen to spell out Marvel!): Might, Agility, Resilience, Vigilance, Ego, and Logic.

For those counting, this will be the fifth Marvel Superhero roleplaying game. It’s proceeded by the Marvel Super Heroes RPG published by TSR in 1984, the 1998 SAGA system version Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game, the 2003 Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game published by Marvel itself, and the Marvel Heroic RPG that lasted less than a year its release in 2012, published by Margaret Weis Productions.

In addition, there are now quite a few high quality ‘superhero’ RPGs available in multiple systems, and the history of superhero tabletop games is only marginally shorter than that of high fantasy.

But the appeal of Marvel is certainly the depth of the characters, and the very personal relationship that the fandom developed has with those characters. While Marvel is effectively a comic book company, it has around 70 years worth of content and a roster of about 8000 published characters. This list includes some of the most recognisable and iconic superheroes, among the most adored characters of all time. You don’t have to know much about comics to have heard of Spiderman, The Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine, The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy and so forth.

Marvel and tabletop RPG fans who pick up and play the initial Playtest publication will have an opportunity to help shape the game with a chance to offer feedback on the rules before its full release in 2023.

Forbeck said of the release, “As a lifelong Marvel fan and gamer, this project is a dream come true. Fortunately, after writing a couple editions of The Marvel Encyclopedia and designing tabletop games professionally for over 30 years, I feel ready to help make this the best Marvel TTRPG experience ever.”


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