Giving a board game as a gift is a way of saying to someone that we should hang out and spend more quality time together. Right now, and thankfully, we have never been more spoiled for choice. Board game design and development is booming, new games are released practically every day, and there are now tabletop game experiences to suit every taste, preference and budget.

But if you’ve ever stepped into a game store and been instantly overwhelmed by the selection of modern board games, House of Nerdery is here to help. Whether you are looking for a gift for the board game fanatic in your life, shopping for a birthday surprise or wanting to liven up your family holiday time, our selection guides below will help you make the perfect choice.

Kids Games

These games help create special shared memories while supporting critical cognitive development and building social skills.

Family Games

Modern family games have to be more compelling than screen time and devices. Quality family time is precious, and these games can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Game Night

Want to host the perfect game night with friends? These games are set up quickly, have simple rules, and play well for large groups, and will give you a night to remember.

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