Shadow in the East: New Deluxe Expansion for Lord of the Rings Living Card Game

Fantasy Flight today announced A Shadow in the East, the eighth deluxe expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is available for pre-order at your friendly local game store, or online through the Fantasy Flight website. A Shadow in the East will mark the start of the Vengeance of the Mordor cycle, a series of quests... Continue Reading →

When am I? Spyfall Three: Time Travel

The critically acclaimed party deduction game Spyfall has been a much loved filler at our game nights for seasoned gamers and casual players alike. The premise is simple, the gameplay rapid and intense, you are never out of the action, and there are great metagame rewards for multiple playthroughs. It isn't uncommon for a dozen... Continue Reading →

Steam Summer Sale for Digital Boardgames

Nothing says Summer like sitting in the dark at your computer playing digital implementations of board games by yourself. Ah, Summer. Fortunately for some of us, it isn't summer at all. Quite the opposite. And this is actually the perfect time of year for staying indoors where it is warm and dry, and playing board... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Rule Mistake of All Time

When it comes to boardgames, rules mistakes are as embarrassing as they are inevitable. If you're lucky, they don't result in brawls or tableflips, but they almost always lead to a less enjoyable night than you had otherwise planned. If you are playing a boardgame that has been professionally published, you should be aware that... Continue Reading →

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