Next Two D&D Hard Cover Releases Spoiled on Amazon

Entries for the next two official D&D hardcover books to be published by Wizards of the Coast have appeared on Amazon. Both entries encourage viewers to tune into D&D Live 2021 presented by G4 on July 16 and 17, which will provide all the details including new characters, monsters, mechanics, and story hooks suitable for players of all ages and experience levels.

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: A Feywild Adventure (Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Book)

To be released September 21st, The Wild Beyond the Witchlight is D&D’s next big adventure storyline that brings the wicked whimsy of the Feywild to fifth edition for the first time. This coincides with the recent release of Unearthed Arcana Folk of the Feywild – playtest material that allows player characters to play as a fairy, Hobgoblin of the Feywild, owlfolk and rabbitfolk.

Curriculum of Chaos (Strixhaven D&D/MTG Adventure Book)

Curriculum of Chaos will be released November 16, and is an upcoming D&D release set in the Magic: The Gathering world of Strixhaven. In Magic lore, the Strixhaven University is the premier institution of magical learning in Arcavios, drawing promising young mages to study in its halls, joining one of the five colleges based on aptitudes and personalities. Sound familiar?

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