Video Games Taking Lessons from the Tabletop

Interesting observations by Luke Winkie over at Wired Magazine, where he looks at the ways popular video games are borrowing directly from the gamplay and mechanics of tabletop boardgames to great success. Games like Monster TrainSlay the Spire, and Gordian Quest look and feel like tabletop board games, even adopting components like cards and dice. This is different from the standard interaction between the two worlds where a popular video game receives a board game version (like XCom or The Witcher) or a board game gets reproduced in a digital format.

That is a paradigm shift. For decades, there’s been a quiet schism between the video game and tabletop communities. The two industries rarely mingled, and when they did, it was usually in the form of a licensed adaptation—the mobile version of Pandemic, for example…. We are living through a renaissance of video games that take direct influence from tabletop ideas.

To be fair, the computation that sit behind most video games owes a lot to the dice rolling of tabletop RPGs, so the links between the two worlds is more established than the author gives credit to. But nonetheless, there is an emergent genre of video games that wears its tabletop allegiances more prominently and proudly. The promise of a unique gaming experience that fuses the two is enticing.

Read the full article here.

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