Thanos Expansion for Marvel Champions Announced

The much anticipated third campaign installment for Marvel Champions – the Mad Titan’s Shadow – is scheduled for release in August this year, and will feature super-villain Thanos and his Black Order.

Through the campaign expansions, Marvel Champions: The Card Game continues to go from strength to strength with innovative new mechanics and attention to fan service. Like previous big-box expansions, The Mad Titan’s Shadow introduces a new five-part campaign that can be played out as individual scenarios or linked together for an epic experience. In addition to Thanos, the campaign will feature members of the Black Order, including Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive.

The expansion will also provide two new ready-to-play heroes from the more cosmic end of the Marvel stable. Adam Warlock and Spectrum will be heroes less familiar to fans of the MCU (and in the case of Spectrum might also be considered a mild spoiler…). Both heroes introduce unique playstyles and variety, which is testament to the continuing risk taking and experimentation of the LCG designers at Fantasy Flight.

Warlock in particular brings a unique flavour to deckbuilding: he must include an equal number of cards from all four aspects in his deck, and he can’t have any duplicates outside of his signature cards. This promises to be an intriguing puzzle for those invested in the deck-building side of the Marvel Champions game.

It wouldn’t be a Thanos expansion without the Infinity Stones and Gauntlet, and publishers Fantasy Flight deliver on this as well.  The Infinity Stones appear as a seven-card set – a deck separate from the standard encounter deck – that can be added to almost any scenario in the game. This means you can power up any previous scenarios and villains by giving them access to the Stones and the Gauntlet. When you include the Infinity Stone deck in your game, the villain begins the scenario with the Infinity Gauntlet as an attachment. The six Infinity Stones will then cycle in and out of play throughout the game, making attacks more potent, schemes more effective, and introducing bonus effects on existing villain actions.

For us, this will be another must-have purchase, alongside the previous campaign expansions Rise of Red Skull and the Guardians of the Galaxy expansion Galaxy’s Most Wanted. With the inevitable release delays due to COVID, these new expansions are coming out faster than we can play them at this point. The real strength of Marvel Champions is still not yet in its deck building or in the gameplay of the individual scenarios so much as these larger, linked, campaign experiences that keep us invested and provide us with those great stories and memories at the table.

The Mad Titan’s Shadow is available for pre-order at your friendly local game store.

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