The Adorable Stuffed Fables Gets an Expansion: Oh Brother!

One of my most highly recommended games for families is the adorable Stuffed Fables by developer Jerry Hawthorne. This story-based adventure game sees kids and parents working together, taking on the roles of a young girl’s stuffed toys (the ‘Stuffies”) who protect her from the evil schemes of Creptius, the Nightmare King, as she works through the challenges of growing up. Stuffed Fables was nominated for Best Family Game, Best Co-operative Game and Best Thematic Board Game in the 2018 Golden Geek Awards, and was a beloved classic almost on arrival.

For the perfect tone and tenor for family gaming, for the utterly charming theme and completely captivating story – this must be up there as one of the best. As a way of introducing my family to RPGs, this does everything right. We have played through all of the chapters at least once, and they have each delivered lasting memories and immersive gaming experiences.

So, imagine my delight to learn that there is an expansion on the way, that could be in game stores as early as February next year. According to publisher Plaid Hat Games, the expansion Stuffed Fables: Oh Brother takes place years after the original story with the arrival of a new baby brother, who brings with him two new toys of his own. Pokey the unicorn, a stalwart stuffy, and the muscular Manny, a headstrong hand-me-down action figure join the brave band of stuffies from the original game, offering up new play dynamics and unique abilities.

Stuffed Fables: Oh Brother is an expansion that includes a new storybook with new tokens, cards and legacy-style Discovery Deck for each of the stories, as well as the two new characters. You will require the base game components to play, but if anything about this expansion appeals, then purchasing the original is obligatory anyway. Like the original, Oh, Brother! includes fables, lessons, and discussion questions at the end of each story to prompt family conversation emerging from the gameplay.

You can preorder the Stuffed Fables: Oh, Brother! Expansion online or from your local game store right now.

Manny, the headstrong hand-me-down action figure  is made of strong plastic instead of the usual stuffing of other characters.

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