Guardians of the Galaxy: A New Campaign Expansion for Marvel Champions

Fantasy Flight have announced today that The Galaxy’s Most Wanted, the second campaign expansion for Marvel Champions: The Card Game, is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2021.

The most enticing aspect of the Marvel Champions Living Card Game has always been the promise of these campaign expansions. I’ve played what amounts to an unreasonable amount of both the Lord of the Rings LCG and the Arkham Horror LCG, and it has always been the campaign elements that have these games returning to the table time and again. It is deeply satisfying to work co-operatively through a rich and thematic story-line with friends.

So it is no surprise that I’m thrilled with this announcement, though I have to say disappointed that it hasn’t made a Christmas release date.

Similar in structure to the Red Skull expansion, The Galaxy’s Most Wanted will have five distinct but linked scenarios with an additional seven modular sets that can be combined with any other scenario that you own. There’s two new hero decks – fan favourites Groot and Rocket Racoon – and a bunch of new mechanics including ships and a market place for deck upgrades between campaign adventures.

There’s four new villains in the expansion: Drang of the Brotherhood of Badoon, the Collector, surprisingly Nebula, and the BBEG Ronan the Accuser. Of these, the Collector’s mechanics seem to be uniquely interesting: his Stay Awhile treachery card thins out your deck as he adds player cards to his ‘Collection’. Lose too many cards, game over…

We’ve loved our family games of Marvel Champions, which strike the right balance between fiddly upkeep and the dynamic fastpaced cardplay that you hope for in a game about superheroes. This is a must have for us.

It is available for pre-order from your friendly local game store right now.

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