Relaunch of Scott Pilgrim Minatures the World Kickstarter Defeats Its Own Ex

I was very impressed with professional way that Renegade Game Studio handled the cancellation and relaunch of the Scott Pilgrim Miniatures The World Kickstarter in response to community feedback this month. I’m quite sure this was no easy decision, but their willingness to listen and pivot their marketing approach is a critical lesson for others looking to kickstart their dream boardgame or tabletop project.

Renegade Game Studios and Oni Games first announced the Scott Pilgrim Miniatures The World in mid-October, to a flurry of excitement amongst fans of the IP. The project was teased as a miniatures board game designed by Erica Bouyouris, and based on the massively successful Oni Press graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim, by Bryan Lee O’Malley.


Quite quickly, though, it was clear from fan responses that the offering presented by the Kickstarter had missed a couple of key marks. On the 19th October, Renegade announced that they would be cancelling the kickstarter, based on feedback from the fans that they wanted greater control over their choices, particularly when it came to differing needs between gamers and comic fans.

President of Renegade Game Studios Scott Gaeta explained that while they had explored ways to make tweaks during this campaign, but it became clear that they needed the time to do it right:

When we started development on this nearly two years ago, we set out to make something really special that captured the LOOK and FEEL of the Scott Pilgrim world. We wanted it to play as if it leapt right off the page and onto your table!

After providing an authentic Scott Pilgrim gaming experience, pre-painted minis were the other piece of our vision to achieve both goals. I’m not a great painter but always dream of having minis on the table that look awesome right out of the box. But many of you are awesome painters and love to paint your own minis. One very valuable piece of feedback that we have taken to heart is to offer an unpainted option for the game. This will give you the freedom to paint your own and a price option that reflects that.

We also heard from you that you want options. We have 5 expansions worth of content, each with its own minis, boards, dice, terrain, and cards but not everyone wants everything. So, we are also going to break these expansions out as add-ons, so backers have choice. We’ll still have an All-In tier for both painted and unpainted for those super fans who want everything.

Another piece of feedback is that Scott Pilgrim fans love the characters but not all of you are gamers. To make sure we take care of all the fans we are going to be offering packs of painted minis only. That ways fans who just want the minis can get them but painters who might want both will be able to have the best of both worlds too, if they choose.


Renegade made the bold decision to relaunch the campaign on November 5th, this time with a larger array of choices and a greater focus on flexibility for fans and gamers.

Clearly, this was the correct decision. Right now, more than 100 backers have opted to receive just the minatures – which is roughly 10% of pledges. That is a great deal more than I would have expected. And while half of the backers overall have pledged for the game with painted minis and all five expansions, there’s another 10% who have opted to paint the minis themselves. Clearly, this remains a critical part of the gaming hobby, and one which future kickstarter projects would be advised to cater to.

There’s still time to back this campaign – check it out at Kickstarter- otherwise you’ll have to wait until the game gets a general release in June 2020.


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