The Ultimate Fan Fiction: Asmodee Announces Novels Division to Turn Board Games into Books

Last month, Asmodee announced the creation of ACONYTE – the novels division of Asmodee Entertainment – to turn the incredible array of intellectual properties under the Asmodee banner into books under the slogan: “Great games, amazing stories!”. 

Aconyte have put themselves out into the world with a lofty mission: to become the go-to partners for tie-in fiction for all the best pop-culture IPs.

As the premier global games publisher and distributor, Asmodee is home to some of the world’s most beloved IPs. Among its most famous and imaginative game brands are Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Arkham Horror, and Legend of the Five Rings. But with the acquisition of the Plaid Hat Library, they also retain the rights to emerging popular titles like the co-operative zombie survival prepper-porn Dead of Winter, the swashbuckling and cavalier fantasy Mice and Mystics, and the (our at least our) family favourite Stuffed Fables. All of these IPs have extraordinary potential in fiction and graphic novels, as well as a ready-made loyal fanbase.

Aconyte will start a monthly publication schedule from early summer 2020, producing paperbacks and ebooks for the US, UK and export trade. Their website, at least to date, is predominantly a countdown timer foreshadowing the imminent release of this schedule.

This announcment expands on the remit of Asmodee’s Entertainment platform, which  was formed in 2018 with the explicit aim of taking Asmodee’s wealth of intellectual properties into formats as varied as films and TV, comic books, location-based entertainment, merchandise, and novels.

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