Ticket to Ride Is Being Turned Into a Television Game Show?

According to this article on Deadline, production company Propagate has teamed with Asmodee Entertainment to develop a TV adventure competition series based on Alan R. Moon’s best-selling adventure board game, Ticket To Ride.

Before you get too excited, it seems that the actual concept is much more akin to a reboot of The Amazing Race, rather than a televised tabletop experience. The television adaptation is described as a travel competition series in which five teams take the “journey of a lifetime” as they seek to complete epic challenges and journey by air, land and sea. Other than the title and brand, I’m not sure there’s much more that will be common between the board game and the television series.

That being said, it does seem promising for the cross-promotional future marketing strategy being pursued by Asmodee Entertainment – the multi-faceted promotional arm of Asmodee, which is the largest board game publisher in the world. Since its launch in March 2018, Asmodee Entertainment has promised that its extensive game catalogue will be developed into movies, TV shows, comic and graphic novels, and other formats.

Ticket to Ride the TV Show will follow on the heels of Catan the Movie – after Sony Pictures acquired the rights to adapt the world-changing boardgame “Catan,” into a feature film. According to the IMDB entry, Settlers of Catan will be produced by Gail Katz, with Dan Lin (from “It” and “The Lego Movie”) and Jonathan Eirich (“Deathnote” and the 2019 “Aladdin”). Blaise Hemingway – whose biggest writing credit to date has been Playmobil: The Movie – will write the screenplay. The unconfirmed storyline (and it seems that it is all a set-up for the “get wood for sheep” punchline) is pitched as:

Protagonist Herman Wundeba is forced to leave his native land due to dwindling resources and relentless bandits. He and three of his henchmen quickly turn on one another as they vie for fertile land in a new world called Catan. Herman makes good use of his charm and sheep supply to reach ultimate glory of the throne only to witness his kingdom fall once again to a destructive storm leading to an ice age. It is up to him to rebuild in a desolate land of scavengers and savages as he promises his followers to turn a humble settlement of brick and mortar to a city of marble and cobblestone.

There is quite the Hollywood curse on TV and movies that have been derived from video games – and let’s cross fingers and toes that boardgames don’t end up suffering the same fate.

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