Dead of Night: New Expansion in the Works for Arkham Horror 3rd Ed.

Fantasy Flight Games has announced Dead of Night, a new expansion for Arkham Horror Third Edition that will be released in the third quarter of 2019.

The Dead of Night expansion promises two entirely new scenarios (including one with five(!) possible endings), four new investigators and news cards for every deck in the original game. Although this expansion doesn’t provide new mechanics or locations, which is one the key things fans of this theme had been hoping for, it does contain more of everything already contained within the original box. That means that there’s more encounters for each of the current locations in Arkham, alongside new monsters, anomalies, items, spells and allies.


The premise of the expansion is that investigators will explore the facets of Arkham best left unseen in the light of day. Organised crime builds a strong foothold in the city, secret cults labor for a dark master, an alien moon hangs overhead, and unknowable horrors stalk the night. pic4790325.png

In one of the new scenarios, the rivalry between the well known organised crime gangs of Arkham – the O’Bannions and the Sheldons – reaches a fever pitch, and the sweltering summer of 1926 sees the tenuous peace transformed into a savage conflict. In an interesting twist, investigators have the option to join forces and ally with one or other of the gangs, or ignore their feud in an attempt to continue investigations in deeper mysteries, or join both gangs and attempt to work one side against the other from inside.

Right from the launch of Arkham Horror 3rd Edition, this is the expansion content that the community had been anticipating. The little teasers that have been released to date look set to deliver on the new, flexible and narrative driven experience in the latest version of this gaming classic.

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