Introduce Your Kids to Gambling and Drinking Games with That’s Not Lemonade

If you were ever interested to discover a way to introduce your kids to high stakes Blackjack and other ‘press your luck’ style games, but felt judged by friends and neighbours, then That’s Not Lemonade by Matt Fantastic could be the Kickstarter you need to back. There’s a bonus as well – it doubles as an introduction to drinking games to boot. Cheers!

That’s Not Lemonade is a wonderfully stripped back Press Your Luck game to be published by Tuesday Knight Games, a team famous for packing some of the most fun interactive vibes into simple but engaging party games. Their previous outings include the now renowned convention staple Two Rooms and a Boom, and the wickedly fun World Championship Russian Roulette. That’s Not Lemonade builds on this same formula – fun, light, laugh-out loud and accessible gaming across the spectrum.

The premise of That’s Not Lemonade is that there are lemonade stands across the neighbourhood, and each of the players is trying to drink more lemonade then anyone else. Only here’s the rub – the ubiquitous Little Johnny has sabotaged some of the lemonade supply with… well, let’s just say, that it is indeed no longer lemonade. Players are then left with the choice: drink, and increase your lemonade consumption at the risk of swallowing something else, or pass, and let one of the other players take the swill and their chances.

Basically, that’s all there is to it.

18a152705efc5de05802a6a845f9153a_originalThe game is played out Blackjack style, as each player either chooses to draw a card on their turn, or pass, and skipping a draw this time around.  There’s only four kinds of cards:

  • Lemonade Cards: You want these. Collect the most of these and win the round.
  • DOUBLE Lemonade Cards: You want these even more. They’re worth two lemonades.
  • Ice Cards: These are basically filler cards, but in the event of a tie, the most ice cards gives you the win.
  • That’s Not Lemonade! Cards: Draw one of these cards and you’re out for the round!

Whoever gets the most Lemonade in a given round without ‘busting’ with the That’s Not Lemonade Card is the winner, and they get to keep a lemonade card. Cleverly though, this means there are even fewer lemonade cards in the deck, and you’re now more likely to draw a That’s Not Lemonade! card.

This means that with each successive round, the stakes are higher, the odds against you, and the tension builds in the most delightful way.

This game is straight up charming, and although it is recommended for ages 8 and up, it can really work as a family game for quite young children. They may not have the card counting abilities of older folk, but they will be absolutely enthralled with the risk, and will revel in the inevitable toilet humour of the whole thing.

The art by Kelsey Cretcher is gorgeous and right on point, and the game design is sleek and streamlined. It is currently entering the last days of its Kickstarter campaign, but the good news is that the game fully funded on its first day, so it is guaranteed to go into production.

If you are looking for a light and light-hearted family game that packs a load of family fun in a small package, I recommend you take your chances and try a swig of That’s Not Lemonade.


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